The Most Popular Live Streaming Application for Smartphones

Have you ever found someone using the front camera on their smartphone while talking? Most likely the person you are looking at is broadcasting or making a video call.

Recently, applications for carrying out live streaming activities have been widely used by smartphone users both from within and outside the country. Apart from having the function of carrying out live broadcast activities, it turns out that there is an application that has this type of thing which can also be profitable for the users of the application.

Live streamers will earn additional income from gifts which can later be exchanged for cash. Copy that, a very important point is that users of the application can be entertained by the content provided.

Below are several recommendations for popular live streaming applications for Android smartphones.


For those of you who have a hobby of carrying out live conversation activities with friends or people you don’t know before, perhaps you have used the Camfrog application occasionally. With this application, you can carry out personal conversation activities with your lover, friend, or even with millions of other Camfrog application users.

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This application might be very suitable for those of you who are still single. You can fill the emptiness in your heart by looking for friends in this application and you can even make yourself a lover. is an application that provides live streaming services for videos which can allow users of this application to interact with each other. If you look at all the features available in this application from a developer from Hong Kong, it probably won’t be much different from the Bigo Live application.

Here users can interact with each other directly by using comments or talking while the live streaming is in progress. If the streamer can make the audience entertained, perhaps the audience will voluntarily give a gift or gift to the streamer.


Maybe you are not very familiar with the live streaming application called YouNow. In fact, this application is very popular among smartphone users abroad.

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This can also be clearly proven by the number of downloads which has reached more than 50 million.

Kitty Live

Not wanting to be outdone by the Bigo Live application, you may not only find this live streaming application called Kitty Live once or twice in an advertisement on an application that has been downloaded on your smartphone device.


For social media and internet users, you may already be familiar with some of the content from live streaming, such as playing online games together or you can also do live shopping on e-commerce applications. However, the IDN Live feature of the IDN App application provides content for live streaming that is much more diverse.

Streamers who live stream on IDN Live will create several live streaming content using the characteristics of their respective topics. Starting from makeup tutorials, telling stories with artists, horror courage tests, singing together, reading tarot cards, comedy, sharing about parenting, cooking, auctioning goods, questions and answers with psychologists and much more other content.

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